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Plastic Pall Ring

Plastic Pall Ring The Pall Ring, a novel type of random packing material, is designed to optimize mass transfer and increase surface area in various chemical processes. Plastic Pall ring packing is suitable for medium and low temperature (60-150 degrees) steam lifting, absorption, scrubbing towers, carbon dioxide degassing towers, ozone contact reaction towers and other reaction towers in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection and other industries. NAIKE CHEMICAL Plastic Pall Ring is versatile and will significantly increases the performance of the packing, in terms of throughput, efficiency and pressure drop.

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Ammonia Stripper

Ammonia Stripper Ammonia is a gas made of nitrogen and hydrogen molecules which is commonly found in rainwater and soil. In addition, some forms of Ammonia play a part in the manufacturing of drugs and fine chemical products.High concentrated forms of ammonia could be harmful to humans and animals seriously. As a result, many industrial applications require to remove of ammonia from waste water. When working with waste water, many different types of pollutants can contaminate the supply. Ammonia gases and other compounds may be present in waste waters. Naike Chemical provides ammonia strippers to remove ammonia and additional contaminants…

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Co2 Degassifier

Co2 Degassifier The most common cause of acidity in water is carbon dioxide. High  concentrations of CO2 could lower the pH levels of water to corrode pipes and machinery or harms fish grown in aquaculture.CO2 degassing systems strip the CO2 from the water, enable to balance the water’s pH level. For removing CO2 from water,Naike Chemical normally use ion exchange resin and tower packing as a media, Pall ring, Tri pack, Hi flow ring, Polyhedral ball are all good choice in Stripping Columns, also MBBR bio filter might be considered in some cases.

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Dixon ring

Dixon ring Because of the capillary action of the wire mesh, the liquid can be well dispersed into a film, which is conducive to the full mass transfer and heat transfer of gas and liquid, also can significantly eliminate channel flow. θring packing, also called Dixon ring has much more excellent Liquid holdup and surface wettability than other tower packing. The advantage of film formation makes Dixon ring(θring packing) has quite good separation efficiency, that could help separate materials from very close boiling point. Naike Chemical Dixon ring is widely used in pilot plant, pilot plant test,pilot production,bench-scale facility,bench-scale unit,laboratory installation…

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