Honor Certificates

LETTER OF PATENT-A Kind Of Light Environmental Protection Ceramic Tower Packing

LETTER OF PATENT-Active High Silicon Ceramic Ball

LETTER OF PATENT-Ammonia Nitrogen Separator For Waste Water

LETTER OF PATENT-Ceramic Tower Packing(NK Multi Stiffened Ring)

LETTER OF PATENT-Corrugated Structured Packing For Light Reinforced Porcelain

LETTER OF PATENT-High Efficiency Gas Liquid Separator

LETTER OF PATENT-Micro Element Superconducting Valve

LETTER OF PATENT-Tellerette Packing Ring

LETTER OF PATENT-Wash Oil Trap Column

Ceramic Tower Packing Production Permit

Certificate Of Honor 2007

Certificate Of Honor 2008

Certificate Of Honor 2009

Certificate Of Honor 2009-2

Certificate Of Honor 2010

Certificate Of Honor 2011

Certificate Of Honor 2011-2

Honors Show

Large Taxpayer 2008

Manufacture License Of Specical Equipment Pressure Vessel

Metal Tower Packing Production Permit

Plastic Tower Packingproduction Permit

Provincial Private High Technology Enterprise

Reassurance Brand Naike Chemical

Science And Technology Progress Award 2009

Science And Technology Progress Award 2012

Sinopec Tower Packing And Tower Internals Designated Manufacturer

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