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What is metal pall ring?

What is metal pall ring? 1. Open Structure: The pall ring has a unique geometric structure with windows or openings on the surface. This open design allows for increased liquid and gas contact points, enhancing mass transfer. 2. Multi-Faceted Surface:The exterior of the metal pall ring is often characterized by multiple internal and external surfaces, creating a complex network of contact points. This design promotes turbulent flow and helps prevent the packing from nesting or stacking, which can occur with simpler shapes. 3. High Surface Area: The pall ring’s shape and surface features provide a large specific surface area, facilitating…

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What is Activated Alumina?

What is Activated Alumina? Activated alumina is a porous, granular form of aluminum oxide that has a high surface area. It is often used as a desiccant, which means it has the ability to adsorb and hold water vapor from the surrounding air. This makes activated alumina a popular choice for various drying and purification applications. The activation process involves heating aluminum hydroxide to produce a highly porous material with a large surface area. The resulting activated alumina has a network of fine pores and a significant capacity for adsorbing moisture and certain gases. Due to its ability to adsorb…

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What is Carbon Molecular Sieve?

What is Carbon Molecular Sieve? Carbon molecular sieves (CMS) represent a remarkable class of materials characterized by their intricate structure and exceptional gas separation properties. Composed predominantly of carbon atoms, these sieves are engineered with a porous architecture, showcasing a labyrinth of interconnected channels and nanoscopic pores. This unique structure is precisely tailored to selectively adsorb gases based on size and molecular characteristics. The carbon molecular sieve’s defining feature is its ability to separate gas mixtures through a process known as adsorption. As gases permeate through the intricate network of pores, certain molecules are selectively captured, allowing for the separation…

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! On the occasion of the Chinese Year of the Loong(Spring Festival), we wish you good luck, happiness and health in the New Year! Our festival holiday will begin! If you have any questions or need consultation, psl fins the contact information on our website. Our partners will give you prompt response. Thank you.

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Manufacturing SS316 500X Structured Packing

Product: SS316 500X structured packing Size: D398*100mm If you have any need, pls contact us directly. Company: Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co., Ltd Contact person: Alice Pan Mobile: 86-13030565278 Tel: 86-799-3673812 Fax: 86-799-3673808 Email: Skype: alice_pan1017 Checking the diameter Checking the thickness Checking the weight Checking the weight

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Loading Column Internals And Equipment

Our workshop gets busier and busier, as our CNY holiday will begin at the end of Jan 2019. Yesterday our factory spent 1 day to load some column internals and equipment on the truck, these products will be delivered to the on-site project. Random Packing and columns internals are installed into column already. Here is the photo of the loading for your reference. Should you have any new inquiries and would like to complete the order before our holiday, please catch the time and order as soon as possible.

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How To Pack And Load Ceramic Structured Packing Safely

Recently we completed production of the 350Y ceramic structured packing. A complete layer of the packing is divided into segments. As it is very easy to break the ceramic packing during shipping, the package is very important. Usually, we follow the steps to pack the ceramic structured Tower Packing. 1.put foams inside the wooden case, such as on the sides and bottom 2.use bubble bag to separate layers and foam to separate segments 3.cover the wooden case cover then reinforce the case with tape. 4.load the wooden case in the container. After the shipment, we provide a detailed packing list…

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Demister Pad Delivery Picture

Product: Demister Pad Size: customized Material: SS304,SS316 or SS316L,etc… Annual production: 1000 cubic meter If you have any need, pls tell us freely. Contact person: Alice Pan Company name: Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co., Ltd Address: No.91 Anyuan West Street, Pingxiang, Jiangxi, China Tel: 86-799-3673812 Fax: 86-799-3673808 Mobile: 86-13030565278 Skype: alice_pan1017

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Ceramic Raschig Ring

Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co., Ltd is a famous ceramic raschig ring. Meanwhile, we are very strict in the inner diameter. The diameter is 10.5mm, our tolerance is +/-1%, so the inner diameter is 9.45mm to 11.55mm. If you have any need, welcome to contact us directly.

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