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Honor Certificates

Honor Certificates LETTER OF PATENT-A Kind Of Light Environmental Protection Ceramic Tower Packing LETTER OF PATENT-Active High Silicon Ceramic Ball LETTER OF PATENT-Ammonia Nitrogen Separator For Waste Water LETTER OF PATENT-Ceramic Tower Packing(NK Multi Stiffened Ring) LETTER OF PATENT-Corrugated Structured Packing For Light Reinforced Porcelain LETTER OF PATENT-High Efficiency Gas Liquid Separator LETTER OF PATENT-Micro Element Superconducting Valve LETTER OF PATENT-Tellerette Packing Ring LETTER OF PATENT-Wash Oil Trap Column Ceramic Tower Packing Production Permit Certificate Of Honor 2007 Certificate Of Honor 2008 Certificate Of Honor 2009 Certificate Of Honor 2009-2 Certificate Of Honor 2010 Certificate Of Honor 2011 Certificate Of…

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Quality Control

Molecular sieve We will sample and test the oxygen molecular sieve every 4 hours to ensure the qualified quality of the product ,and we will make COA for every batch to provide the content of all components of the molecular sieve for customers’ reference and inspection as well as to provide trustworthy products for customers Lithium Carbonate We have a perfect laboratory and a strong testing team. In the process of making lithium carbonate, we will carry out three rounds of testing. Firstly, raw material testing to ensure that the quality of raw materials is excellent; secondly, testing during the…

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Our History

Our History 1973 Initiate the first facotory((occupied area 5300m2), produce Ceramic Column Packing 1998 A new factory has been built(occupied area 20000m2),renamed as Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co.,Ltd,established as a integrated Column Packing manufacturer.Mainly products a whole series of Tower Pacing/Column Packing, includes Ceramic Column Packing,Stainless Steel Column Packing, Plastic Column Packing, Ceramic ball, Alumina ball. 2002 Another new factory has been built(occupied area 39000m2), expands new productions of Molecular Sieve,Activated Alumina,Zeolite Catalyst,Tower Internal parts,the warehouse has expanded 6000 cubic meters 2007 Initiate oversea business, first export to Southeast Asia and North America, soon expand to the whole…

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