Our History


Initiate the first facotory((occupied area 5300m2), produce Ceramic Column Packing


A new factory has been built(occupied area 20000m2),renamed as Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co.,Ltd,established as a integrated Column Packing manufacturer.Mainly products a whole series of Tower Pacing/Column Packing, includes Ceramic Column Packing,Stainless Steel Column Packing, Plastic Column Packing, Ceramic ball, Alumina ball.


Another new factory has been built(occupied area 39000m2), expands new productions of Molecular Sieve,Activated Alumina,Zeolite Catalyst,Tower Internal parts,the warehouse has expanded 6000 cubic meters


Initiate oversea business, first export to Southeast Asia and North America, soon expand to the whole Asia, Europe and South America.


-Intergrated upgraded to Naike Group, focusing on chemical engineering design, production, installation, commissioning, operation and providing turnkey units.

-Set up a subsidiary company, enter to sewage treatment field,specializing in high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment,provides turnkey units, focusing on the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater and lithium battery production wastewater.


Set up a technology centre, establish direction of Technology-led production.


Naike Group’s annual turnover exceeded 300 million CNY.

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