Dixon ring

Because of the capillary action of the wire mesh, the liquid can be well dispersed into a film, which is conducive to the full mass transfer and heat transfer of gas and liquid, also can significantly eliminate channel flow. θring packing, also called Dixon ring has much more excellent Liquid holdup and surface wettability than other tower packing. The advantage of film formation makes Dixon ring(θring packing) has quite good separation efficiency, that could help separate materials from very close boiling point. Naike Chemical Dixon ring is widely used in pilot plant, pilot plant test,pilot production,bench-scale facility,bench-scale unit,laboratory installation laboratory separation process.In terms of isotope separation and isomeride separation, only Dixon ring(θring packing) and pro-pak small packing are able to generate the best results. 

Nowadays, With more and more higher requirements of rectification and separation, small packing, like Dixon ring,θring packing,pro-pak ring, Cannon ring are more and more widely used in large plants, also are not limited to the small diameter or minimum diameter of columns, even large scale of columns prefer to use the delicate packed bed- Dixon ring,θring packing and pro-pak Cannon ring.  

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