Ammonia Stripper

Ammonia is a gas made of nitrogen and hydrogen molecules which is commonly found in rainwater and soil. In addition, some forms of Ammonia play a part in the manufacturing of drugs and fine chemical products.High concentrated forms of ammonia could be harmful to humans and animals seriously. As a result, many industrial applications require to remove of ammonia from waste water.

When working with waste water, many different types of pollutants can contaminate the supply. Ammonia gases and other compounds may be present in waste waters.

Naike Chemical provides ammonia strippers to remove ammonia and additional contaminants from industrial wastewater. Naike Chemical has a patent of Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment,also has rich  experience on manufacturing tower packing, columns and internals for ammonia strippers, also have achieved something in pharmaceutical wastewater. For packed tower, we recommends tower packing of Tri-Pack, Pall ring,Hi-Flow Ring and other plastic random packing.

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