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Tower Packing/Column Packing

Tower Packing/Column Packing

Leading Tower Packing/Column Packing

Tower packing refers to the tower packing in the packed tower. The function of tower packing is to provide sufficient contact surface for the gas and liquid phases, and to create conditions for improving the turbulence (mainly gas phase) to facilitate mass transfer (including heat transfer)

Tower packing has the advantages of large production capacity, high separation efficiency, small pressure drop, small liquid holding capacity, and large operating flexibility.

Column packing produced by tower packing manufacturers like Naike chemical is especially suitable for vacuum distillation, distillation under normal pressure and medium pressure, and of course the two-phase contact process of the atmosphere (such as gas absorption, cooling, etc.), but be particularly cautious when apply it in high-pressure rectification towers.

Tower Packing Types By Shape

Structured Packing

Structured packing is also called Distillation Packing Bed, which has large specific surface area and low pressure drop, be widely used in distillation, absorption, stripping, desorption, heat exchange, extraction,etc.

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Random Packing

We can supply all shapes and materials in the area of tower packing, right from the simple sphere through the high-performance tower packing.

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Ceramic Ball

The ceramic balls produced by our company are mainly divided into the following categories:Inert alumina ballActivated alumina ballGrinding ballRegenerative ballWater treatment filter ceramic ball

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Types of Tower Packing By Material

Ceramic Tower Packing Ceramic Tower Packing

Column packing classify into Ceramic Column Packing, Metal Column Packing, Plastic ColumnPacking by its materials

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Metal Tower Packing Metal Tower Packing

Metal tower packing is tower packing made of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy.The metal tower packing can be made of a variety of materials, and corrosion is the main consideration when choosin...

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Plastic Tower Packing Plastic Tower Packing

Plastic tower packing has the characteristics of light weight, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, including tower packing made of PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other materials.Plast...

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Application of Tower Packing/Column Packing

Liquid Distributor Packed Column

To reduce the amplification effect caused by the poor liquid distribution and give full play to the efficiency of the packing, the Liquid Distributor Packed Column must be installed in the packed tower so that the liquid is evenly distributed on the top layer of the tower packing. The quality of the initial distribution of the liquid not only affects the mass transfer efficiency of the tower packing but also affects the operating elasticity of the tower packing. Therefore, the Liquid Distributor Packed Column is an extremely critical component of the packed tower, the distributor of more types, the selection of the basis for the distribution quality, operational flexibility, processing capacity, gas resistance, to the level of many aspects.

Distillation Column

A distillation column, consisting of at least one regular column, with a plurality of small tube channels passing through both ends distributed within the column, and a plurality of short blades distributed on the walls of the small tube channels. In use, the vaporized material can be evenly exchanged with the liquid film material flowing on the wall of the tube for mass and heat transfer, so that the distillation separation efficiency is improved and the cost of distillation separation is reduced. In the case of relatively short distillation equipment length, more distillation separation tasks of theoretical tower plate layer can be accomplished.

Reflux Still

Reflux stills can effectively create tasteless and odorless products. It works by the fact that the refluxing distillate visibly binds to the plate or column packing on the large distillation column and can condense the material coming up. This material is then re-distilled by the steam below. The water present tends to condense as the liquid returns and encounters the upwardly moving steam. At this point, the water can be separated from the alcohol. Afterwards, the water falls into the boiler as a liquid, while the alcohol rises as a concentrated steam. When the cooled liquid is combined with the hot vapor, the resulting product is pure distillate.

FAQs of Distillation Column Packing Material

  • What are the types of tower packing?

    (1) Plastic random packing

    There are many different types of plastic tower packing including Pall rings, intalox saddle rings, different saddle rings, step rings, Haier rings, conjugate rings, flat rings, rosettes, hollow floating balls, polyhedral balls, net cage balls and covering balls.

    (2) Ceramic random packing

    Including Raschig ring, cross diaphragm ring, Pall ring, intalox saddle ring, ceramic saddle packing, different saddle ring, step ring, conjugate ring, and combination ring.

    (3) Metal random packing

    Thanks to the thin processing wall, large void ratio, large flux, low resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and high separation efficiency of metal random packing materials, it is especially suitable for vacuum distillation towers. Metal structured packing is heat sensitive, easy to decompose, easy to polymerize, and easy to process, so it is widely used in packing towers in petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and other industries.

  • What are the performance requirements of tower packing?

    The filler layer has high porosity, large specific surface area, good surface wettability, and is structurally conducive to close contact between the two phases, ptomoting turbulence. The manufacturing materials must have corrosion resistance to the processed materials and have a certain mechanical strength, so that the bottom of the packing layer will not be broken or deformed due to pressure.

  • What is column packing?

    Column Packing refers to the tower packing in the packed tower. Its function is to provide sufficient contact surface for gas and liquid phases and create conditions for improving the turbulence degree (mainly gas phase) so as to facilitate mass transfer (including heat transfer). Naike is a professional tower packing manufacturer that able to offer a wide range of gas liquid absorption packed columns for sale. We offer high-quality liquid distributor packed columns at a cheap price. If you want to know more about different types of packing in absorption and distillation column, please contact us now!

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