Molecular sieves 13X HP

Molecular sieves 13X HP

Molecular sieves 13X HP oxygen enriching molecular sieve is a new type X molecular sieve for PSA oxygen concertrator. They are widely used as catalysts to remove the nitrogen from oxygen to obtain pure oxygen. which has higher N2 adsorption capacity and better effect in the N2 /O2 separation process. It’s also used as a desiccant agent to absorb the water, moisture, and humidity from liquids, oils and gases.

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Technical Specification

Product 13X HP
Color Light gray
Normal pore diameter 10 ang 10 angstroms
Diameter (mm) 0.4-0.8 1.6-2.5
Loss on ignition (wt%.575℃, 1hr) ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Bulk Density (g/ml) ≥0.62 ≥0.62
Crushing strength (N) / ≥30/piece
Static H2O absorption (wt% RH60%,25℃) ≥30 ≥30
Static COadsorption (wt% 250mmHg, 25 ℃) >20.5 >20.5
Attrition (wt%) ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Particle Ration (%) ≥95 ≥97
Nadsorption (ml/g) 8.5~9 8.5~9
N2 /O2 separation coefficient (a) >3.4 >3.4


1. Highest adsorption performance.

2. Microporosity 10A.

3. Rapid transfer rates.

4. Long-acting adsorption.


It’s widely used in industrial PSA Oxygen Generation and as medical Oxygen Concertartor which has ability to separate oxygen from air streams.

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