CaX Molecular Sieve

CaX Molecular Sieve

CaX is an alkali metal aluminosilicate whose crystal is a calcium X-type structure. The molecular sieve can adsorb molecules with a critical diameter of 9A. It is a special molecular sieve for pressure swing adsorption and oxygen production.

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Specification of CaX Molecular Sieve

Item Unit Cax
Shape Sphere(granular)
Diameter mm θ1.2~1.8 θ1.6~2.5
Bulk Density kg/L 0.62~0.68 0.62~0.68
Crushing strength N/Pellet ≥12 ≥18
Abrasion ratio %wt ≤0.3
Static N2 absorption ml/g ≥22.0
N2 /O2 separation coefficient ≥4.1
Static water absorption %wt ≥28.0
Water content %wt ≤1.0
Absorption pressure for oxygen production KP 50
Desorption pressure KP -50
Outlet oxygen concentration % 93
Oxygen production capacity /ton Molecular sieve 45m3

Attention: CaX can’t be exposed in the open air and should be stored in dry condition with an air-proof package. It can be regenerated after a certain period of adsorption. The appropriate regenerated temperature would be better below 350°C.

Main Application of CaX Molecular Sieve

It is mainly used for oxygen-producing in air separation of pressure swing adsorption.

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