5A PSA Molecular Sieve

5A PSA Molecular Sieve

5A Molecular Sieve is an alkali alumino silicate; it is the calcium form of the Type A crystal structure. Type 5A has an effective pore opening of  5 angstroms (0.5 nm). It will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 5 Angstrom and exclude those larger.

It is especially suitable for PSA adsorber applications where it may be used for the separation of normal- and iso- paraffins (C4 to C6 species), in PSA hydrogen purification and in oxygen concentrators.

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Technical Specification of 5A PSA Molecular Sieve/Zeolite

The Test Items Unit Sphere
Diameter mm 1.2-1.6 1.6-2.5
Particle Size % 95.54 95.54
Static Water Absorption ≥% 25 25
Bulk Density ≥g/ml 0.74 0.7
Crushing Strength ≥N/Pc 16 35
Attrition Rate ≤% 0.3 0.3
Package Moisture 575, 2h % 1 1
 N2 Absorption (0.1MPa, 25 ) g/ml 11.3 11.3
Static CO2 Absorption ≥% 18 18

Regeneration of 5A PSA Molecular Sieve/Zeolite

Molecular sieve Type 5A PSA can be regenerated by either heating in the case of thermal swing processes; or by lowering the pressure in the case of pressure swing processes.

To remove moisture from a 5A molecular sieve, a temperature of 250-300°C is required. A properly regenerated molecular sieve can give moisture dew points below -100°C, or mercaptan or CO2 levels below 2 ppmv.

The outlet concentrations on a pressure swing process will depend on the gas present, and on the conditions of the process.

Application of 5A PSA Molecular Sieve/Zeolite

It’s used in LPG Hydrocarbons Purification, Dewaxing of Petroleum, PSA Hydrogen Generation, and Dehydration & Purification.

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