Zeolite 4A Detergent Powder

Zeolite 4A Detergent Powder

Zeolite Detergent is the major builder of none phosphorus or low phosphorus detergent. this 3 in 1 product configured majorly with zeolite detergent, moderate sodium carbonate and organic polymer builder, and has the same efficacy as sodium phosphate. It is not necessary to worry about the question of quality. Zeolite detergent auxiliary can be configured with many surfactants, such as linear alkybenzenesufonate (LAS), sulfactant-AE, and a-olefin sulfonate, if configured with the last one, the efficacy would be especially better.

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Features of zeolite 4a detergent powder

The chemical name of zeolite 4a detergent powder is sodium aluminates silicate. It is a white powder, non-toxic, odorless and has good fluidity

Parameters of zeolite 4a detergent powder

Item Index
Type Granule
Odour Odourless
Appearance white fine powder
Ignition loss(800ºC Clh) 20士0.5%
Ca ion-exchange Capacity(dry)(mg CaCO3/g) 320士10
PH ≤11.0
White grade(w=y) ≥96.5
Particle Size(D50) 2-3um
Crystalline ≥97.0%
Aluminium (dry) ≥18.0%
325mesh      >45μm wet sieve ≤0.60%
Less than(<4µm) >90%
Less than(<1µm) ≤10%
Bulk Density g/l 300-400
Absorption capacity 35%

Packing & Storage of zeolite 4a detergent powder



Prevention against water, Open until using.

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