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Tellerette Ring

The advantage of Tellerette Ring is large void, not easy to be blocked, large flux and increase the contact time of liquid-vapor, improve the mass transfer efficiency.

Metal Tellerette Ring

Metal Tellerette Packing like ellipse that made of many enlaced cirques. Due to its high liquid storage in lacuna of packing, it prolongs time of gas-liquid contact, enhances transfer efficiency.

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Plastic Tellerette Ring

NAIKE Plastic Tellerette Ring was designed by Tell A J in 1956, so-called Teller Rosette Ring. The Packing liked ellipse s consist of many enlaced cirques.

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Ceramic Super Intalox Saddle Ring

Ceramic Super Intalox is a kind of random packing further developed on the basis of Saddle Ring, which both smooth edges are changed to hackly or ripple edges.

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