Know More About Mbbr Bio Filter Media

What is MBBR Bio Filter media?

By definition, MBBR means moving bed biofilm reactor, which is a moving media system for integrated fixed activated sludge (IFAS) and moving bed biofilm reaction (MBBR) systems, where MBBR media is the key to the system. In MBBR Bio Filter media, biofilms are protected and grown within engineered plastic media that have been carefully designed to have a high internal surface area. These biofilter media are suspended and thoroughly mixed throughout the aqueous phase. With this technology, it is possible to handle extremely high loading conditions without any clogging problems and to treat industrial and municipal wastewater in a relatively small footprint.

Parameters of Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

What Are The Sizes Of Mbbr Bio Filter Media?

is a material suitable for a wide range of wastewater flows from 1,000 to 150,000 cubic meters per day. There are some types of Mbbr Bio Filter Media with a density of 0.96 g/cm3 and a bulk density of 100 kg/m3. sizes can be 25 x 10 mm or closer and are available in a variety of colors in addition to white.

Advantages of MBBR Bio Filter Media

1. Based on the geometric configuration of hydrodynamics, MBBR Bio Filter Media strengthens the adhesion ability of the surface.

2. MBBR Bio Filter Media has a large specific surface area and many adherent organisms, which not only provides space for the growth of heterotrophic bacteria but also creates conditions for the growth of autotrophic bacteria. At the same time, it is conducive to denitrification and phosphorus removal of organisms.

3. does not need to be supported, so it is easy to fluidize and save energy. Suitable specific gravity makes the filler in suspension and fluidization, reducing energy consumption and increasing the impact and cutting of bubbles. Under the same conditions, the aeration can be reduced by more than 10%.

Why Do You Buy MBBR Bio Filter Media?

Based on the above advantages of , the reason to buy it is simple. The first is the higher effective sludge retention (SRT), which favors nitrification. Secondly, continuous reactions with load fluctuations mean no operator intervention is required. In addition, the sludge yield with will be lower and require less area. Moreover, MBBR Bio Filter Media is robust enough to withstand toxic shock and it performs completely independently of its secondary clarifiers.

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