Laboratory Structured Packing

Laboratory Structured Packing

Laboratory structured packing is a kind of structured packing with small diameter which is range from 20 mm to 100 mm. The metal wire gauze structured packing consists of multiple strands of very fine wire. It has a large surface area range from 900m2/m3-2500m2/m3.

For small laboratory column diameters we can offer specially designed packing types (900Y, 1100Y, 1700Y and 2500Y) for a preliminary assessment of a separation task. It can provide the highest number of theoretical stages while keeping a small pressure drop. The material could be stainless steel and different alloys.

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  • High number of theoretical stages per meter.
  • Low pressure drop
  • High separation efficiency
  • Small hold up
  • Reliable scale up


  • Where a high number of theoretical stages is required with low liquid loading
  • Pilot plant columns.
  • Laboratory columns from 20 to 100 mm.
  • High purity separation task.
  • Deriving of reliable scale-up rules.


Geometric characteristics of four type stainless steel gauze packings with high specific area
Type  surface area  αp/m-1  pressure drop   Mpa/m Theory
H/mm peak heigh
pitch of waves
Void ratio(%)
900Y 900 6-7*10-4 9-11 30 3.1 6.3 91
1100Y 1100 8.2-10*10-4 13-14 30 2.6 5.1 89
1700Y 1700 16-25*10-4 26-30 30 1.7 3.3 83
2500Y 2500 27-31*10-4 34-39 30 1.2 2.3 75

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