Fenske Spiral

Fenske Spiral

The Fenske spiral prismatic packing is made of wire and has a shape similar to that of a spring, also known as a triangular spring Packing. Its differences from a spring in that each turn of the winding is not a circle but a triangular, and the triangular between the ring and the ring is offset by a certain angle, so that it is a polygon when viewed from the end face. This spiral packing is more efficient, but has a slightly higher resistance than the annular packing and is widely used in laboratory-scale isotope separation studies.

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Parameters of Fenske Spiral Packing

Specifications(mm) tower diameter (mm) Packing density (kg/m3) System pressure
Θ1.75*1.75 50 60-70 Benzene、Tetrachloride ordinary pressure
Θ3*3 18 50-80 Benzene、Tetrachloride ordinary pressure
Θ4*4 50 25-40 Benzene、Tetrachloride ordinary pressure
Θ5*5 50 20-30 Benzene、Tetrachloride ordinary pressure

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