Light Ceramic Packing

We delivered 150 cubic meters of light ceramic packing yesterday. Now we have more than 4000 cubic meters in our stock.

Light ceramic packing’s advantages:

1. The most economical range is F-factor 1.5-2.

2. Pressure drop of each theoretical sheet is 0.3-1 bar.

3. Minimum liquid load is 200l/m2h.

4. A distributor should be installed for every 3-4 meters inside packing towers with diameters of more than 300mm.

Light ceramic packing’s Application:

1. Fining process of corrosive mixtures, which have strict requirements for pressure drop and the number of theoretical sheets.

2. Vacuum treatment under absolute pressure higher than 1bar.

3. Fining and Distillation of halogen organic compounds.

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