What is the Role of Molecular Sieve in the Oxygen Generator?

Medical oxygen generators are based on pressure swing adsorption technology, a new type of equipment that extracts oxygen from the air. What is the role of molecular sieve oxygen generators?

1. Oxygen production process of molecular sieve

It uses molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology to fill the oxygen generator with molecular sieves, which can absorb nitrogen in the air when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected, and after purification treatment, it becomes high-purity oxygen. The specific working process of molecular sieve is that compressed air enters the adsorption tower through a switching valve after being purified by an air purification dryer. In the adsorption tower, nitrogen is adsorbed by molecular sieves, and oxygen is collected at the top of the adsorption tower and then enters the oxygen storage tank, and then is filtered through the odor removal, dust removal filter and sterilization filter to obtain oxygen.

2. The use of molecular sieve in oxygen generator

(1) The is suitable for small hospitals, clinics, health stations, nursing homes, home oxygen therapy, sports training centers, plateau military stations and other oxygen-using places in cities, villages, remote areas, mountainous areas, plateaus, etc.

(2) The oxygen production process using molecular sieve is prone to produce other oxides, and the produced oxygen contains chemical substances. This type of oxygen production method consumes a lot of power, and the service life of the electronic oxygen generator is difficult to exceed 1000 hours. Ensure that the solution has an appropriate concentration, otherwise oxygen cannot be produced normally.

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