Molecular Sieve Production Process

The molecular sieve powder production process mainly includes five stages of sodium aluminate preparation, synthesis, aging and crystallization, mother liquor separation and washing, drying and packaging.

1. Preparation stage of molecular sieve powder

A certain amount of liquid caustic soda or steaming mother is added to the reaction kettle, heated to the preparation temperature under stirring, and then the aluminum hydroxide temperature is added at a certain temperature. The aluminum hydroxide solution was prepared under the conditions of the preparation of sodium aluminate. After the preparation is completed, a certain amount of mother liquor is added to adjust the concentration of the sodium aluminate solution to meet the raw material requirements of the molecular sieve powder as the raw material of the product during the synthesis process. The two-step filtered sodium aluminate solution is used to synthesize .

2. Synthesis stage of molecular sieve powder

There are six substances in the synthesis section, namely, liquid caustic soda, sodium aluminate, mother liquor, sodium silicate, water and guiding agent. According to the production process ratio, six kinds of materials are added to the synthesis tank, and the reaction is stirred for about 1 hour. The raw material powder of this product has the skeleton characteristics of molecular sieve, but the pores are filled with a large amount of water molecules, so it cannot be used directly. Only most of the water in the pores is left by the high temperature. After drainage, it can be used to adsorb other molecules.

3. The aging and crystallization stage of molecular sieve powder

After the slurry in the synthesis tank is stirred, it is pumped into the crystallization tank, heated by steam under stirring, and the heating temperature, aging and crystallization time are controlled according to the process requirements. Stir the effluent into the buffer tank.

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