What Industries Can the Molecular Sieve Be Used In?

What industries can molecular sieves be used in? What is the role of the molecular sieve? What benefits does the molecular sieve bring to various industries? Next, Pingxiang Naike Chemical Equipment Packing Co., Ltd. can explain to you the application of this product in various fields.

1. The molecular sieve used in industrial oxygen production and drying fields

In recent years, hydrothermal synthesis is the main manifestation of the technological development of molecular sieve adsorbents which are used for drying solvents in industrial oxygen production and drying fields. On the basis of mainstream technical routes, technological innovation and process optimization have been carried out, and the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator with more efficiency, energy saving, and lower production cost is continuously introduced to maintain market competitiveness.

2. The molecular sieve used in healthcare oxygen production

With the improvement of molecular sieve adsorption performance, oxygen production equipment began to develop towards miniaturization. When used, the adsorption performance of the molecular sieve can cover a small area and has high oxygen production efficiency. They have been used in hospital oxygen supply systems and will be further extended to small and medium-sized hospitals in the future. The molecular sieve oxygen concentrator has become an important type of household oxygen concentrator because of its high oxygen concentration, convenient use, and safe carrying. In the future, as people pay more and more attention to their own health, the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator will be widely used in plateau and home oxygen concentrator as key equipment for medical care.

3. The molecular sieve used in energy and chemical industry

The technical route of hydrogenation to ethanol after carbonylation of dimethyl ether is a new environmental protection technical route. In recent years, relevant scientific research institutions and Keyuan Environmental Protection are studying the application of molecular sieve desiccant products in the carbonylation of dimethyl ether, and have developed a new molecular sieve catalyst for coal-to-ethanol, with high catalytic activity and methyl acetate. At present, the main problems of coal-to-propylene adsorbents are low adsorption capacity and easy pulverization. Relevant scientific research institutions and Keyuan Environmental Protection are improving the powder synthesis, molding, and roasting technology of coal-to-propylene molecular sieve adsorbents, improving the adsorption capacity and mechanical strength of molecular sieve adsorbents and reducing the wear rate.

4. The molecular sieve used in hydrogen production

In addition to hydrogen purification, the hydrogen-producing molecular sieve is also used in tail gas recovery to help equipment users achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals.

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, molecular sieve professionals have been researching and developing special molecular sieve for special gas purification (such as deep removal of oxygen, nitrogen, and other trace components in special environments), the molecular sieve for advanced speakers, high-efficiency sound-absorbing molecular sieve, special molecular sieve for frequency reduction, ion exchange of tobacco flavors and fragrances, and adsorption molecular sieve. In addition, they further broadened the application fields of molecular sieve adsorbents.

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