Activated Alumina Ball Plays an Important Role As a Desiccant

Dehydration is a widespread need in industry, and the presence of moisture often negatively affects the production process. Therefore, for most production environments under non-vacuum conditions, drying the air is the first step to ensure smooth production.

In current industrial production, compressed air is an important source of power. As it is widely used, drying equipment for removing water vapor in compressed air has also been developed and applied accordingly. Among them, the heatless regeneration adsorption compressed air dryer has the advantages of simple structure, low power consumption, low investment, and high gas drying degree, and is a dry purification equipment for compressed air with large consumption at present. The reason why it can effectively remove moisture is that the heatless regenerative drying machine can absorb the moisture in the air according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, using the characteristics of the balance between the appearance of porous solid material and the partial pressure of water vapor in the air, adsorb the water in the air, and then obtain a lower dew point temperature, more dry and clean gas. Therefore, selecting appropriate drying agent is also an important part in the preparation of heat free regeneration equipment.

1. Alumina ball is the most commonly used drying agent for adsorption drying machine

Activated alumina, silica gel, molecular sieve, etc. are the most commonly used desiccants for adsorption dryers. Among them, χ-ρ type activated alumina ball desiccant is also known as aluminum glue desiccant, mineral desiccant, active desiccant, and activated clay desiccant. It is a kind of solid material with high porosity and high dispersity. It has a large specific surface area. It not only has excellent adsorption function, but also has excellent pressure resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance. Therefore, it is widely used as high-efficiency adsorbent, boring agent and catalyst support for various reactions. Due to its strong ability to absorb water, the drying depth under certain operating conditions and regeneration conditions can be as high as the dew point below -70 °C, so it is very suitable for heatless regeneration equipment.

2. Activated alumina balls have excellent mechanical properties

It also plays an important role in its use in heatless regeneration equipment – because when adding activated alumina to the adsorption cylinder, it is often necessary to fill the adsorption cylinder to prevent the activated alumina ball from crashing and falling powder in the adsorption cylinder, which affects the air inlet of the air compressor, there are certain requirements for the compressive strength of the activated alumina ball. Generally, the strength of the activated alumina balls is required to reach 85 or more. Only in this way can we achieve the normal service life, otherwise the service life is very short.

However, activated alumina balls are not only made for dryness, but their excellent adsorption function also enables them to adsorb the steam of lubricating oil from polluted oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and natural gas, which can be used as defluorination agent for high fluorine drinking water (large defluorination capacity), defluorination agent for circulating alkanes in the production of alkylbenzene, deacidification regeneration agent for transformer oil, etc. At present, activated alumina has always played an important role in the drying of gas in the electronic industry, the drying of automatic surface wind, and as a drying agent and purifying agent in chemical fertilizer, steel, petrochemical and other industries.

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