4A Molecular Sieve Can Be Used As a Molding Agent for Soap

The pore size of 4A molecular sieve is 4A, which can adsorb any molecule with a diameter smaller than 4A. The factors that affect the actual performance of 4A molecular sieve generally include air flow, air temperature, air quality, air flow rate, purifier design, and purifier bed height and diameter than wait.

1. Precautions for the operation of 4A molecular sieve

4A molecular sieve should pay attention to the packaging of 4A molecular sieve during operation. Since 4A molecular sieve is very easy to absorb moisture in the air, 4A molecular sieve should be sealed well, and it is best to store 4A molecular sieve in a vacuum environment.

4A molecular sieves and activated alumina balls are both adsorbents and have good adsorption capacity. They are often used as adsorbents and desiccants in the industry to adsorb moisture and micromolecules in the air. The two can also be used together for better results. The common industry is the air separation industry. Molecular sieve and activated alumina ball are used together in the adsorption dryer equipment.

2. 4A molecular sieve can be used as a molding agent for soap

4A molecular sieve can be used as a detergent, mainly used to exchange calcium ions in water, produce softened water, remove dirt, and prevent dirt precipitation. 4A molecular sieve is a mature product in the current generation of phosphorus-based detergent builders. 4A molecular sieve replaces sodium tripolyphosphate as a detergent, which plays an important role in solving environmental pollution.

4A molecular sieve can also be used as a molding agent for soap, friction agent for toothpaste, etc. 4A molecular sieve has a pore size of 4A to absorb water, formaldehyde, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and will not absorb any molecules with a diameter larger than 4A, and has high selective adsorption performance for water. Compared with any other molecule, it is one of the most widely used molecular sieves in industry.

As a chemical filler, 4A molecular sieve has different particle sizes and different types of substances that can be filtered. The molecular diameter that 4A molecular sieve can filter is small, and the filtration effect is better than other types of filtration. It can deeply purify the sewage, so that the water quality can be better. There will be a lot of ions in the liquid, so it is possible to generate current, so in order to avoid the molecular sieve will increase the current in the liquid, the materials used in the production must have good insulation properties, generally plastic resins are used, which not only have good insulation properties, but also It is also possible to reduce the loss of thermal energy in the wastewater.

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