The Role of PSA Molecular Sieve Nitrogen Generator in the Beer Industry

With the increasing use of nitrogen, PSA molecular sieve nitrogen generators are becoming more and more widely used in various industries. For example, in the production process of beer, nitrogen also plays a role in gas protection. As the most widely used inert gas in nature, nitrogen is even more desirable than sterile compressed air for improving beer quality. This article will briefly introduce the wonderful effect of PSA molecular sieve nitrogen generators in beer production.

PSA molecular sieve will not affect the taste and quality of beer

  • The nitrogen produced by the on-site PSA molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator has no odor, no taste, and is colorless, and has no effect on the taste of beer.

  • Nitrogen, as an inert gas, has good antioxidant properties, which can prevent alcohol and maltose from being oxidized into acid during brewing and storage process, causing a deterioration in the taste of beer.

PSA molecular sieve can change the quality of beer foam

Nitrogen dissolves in beer, releasing extremely fine bubbles, making the foam of beer more delicate, lasting, and hanging on the glass. The small bubbles produced by nitrogen are different from the bubbles produced by carbon dioxide in that it can give people a silky feeling, while carbon dioxide produces a sandy feeling.

PSA molecular sieve does not react with alkaline solution

In preparing the clear liquor tank with nitrogen, using the characteristics of nitrogen and alkaline solution, reaction products are washed with alkaline solution during tank cleaning, which not only improves the utilization rate of alkali, but also avoids the formation of a vacuum inside the tank.

PSA molecular sieve is easy to use

Currently, there are more than one method for producing nitrogen. Compared with other methods, PSA molecular sieve nitrogen generators have the advantage of not being limited by alcoholic fermentation, producing gas on-site, and are easy to operate and start up quickly. In general, PSA molecular sieve nitrogen generators can produce qualified nitrogen within 10-20 minutes after starting up.

PSA molecular sieve is more cost-effective

PSA molecular sieve nitrogen generators use air as raw material, and separate nitrogen from air through pressure adsorption and pressure relief desorption. They require less investment, have low operating costs, and are safe and convenient.

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