The Role of 4A Molecular Sieve in the Daily Chemical Industry

According to different pore sizes and uses, there are 3A molecular sieves, 4A molecular sieves, 5A molecular sieves, 10X molecular sieves, 13X molecular sieves, 13XAPG molecular sieves, oxygen-enriched molecular sieves, XH series refrigerants, and special types for insulating glass. Among them, 4A molecular sieve is suitable for the daily chemical industry. What are the functions of 4A molecular sieve in the daily chemical industry?

1. 4A molecular sieve has adsorption to surfactants

Due to the pore structure of the 4A molecular sieve crystal and the large specific surface area of the particles, the adsorption performance of the 4A molecular sieve is very strong. The adsorption of non-ionic surfactants, 4A molecular sieve is 3 times that of NTA (nitrilotriacetate) and sodium carbonate, and 5 times that of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) and sodium sulfate. It makes sense to mix more surfactants in the production of high-concentration laundry detergents to produce products with good washing and flow properties.

2. 4A molecular sieve has anti-redeposition properties

4A molecular sieve has good adhesion to oil stains. When 4A molecular sieve is added to additives such as sodium carbonate, CMC, sodium silicate and sodium sulfate, the adsorption of oil stains by nylon cloth is significantly reduced. When the particle size of 4A molecular sieve is 0.4-1.0μm, its dispersibility is relatively good, which can prevent it from adhering to the fabric. Although the dispersing ability of 4A molecular sieve is not as good as that of STPP, it can solve the problem of dispersing dirt by compounding with sodium polyacrylate, which has a certain effect on washing powder to improve the degreasing power of specific fabrics.

3. 4A molecular sieve has good compatibility with other additives 

4A molecular sieve and other auxiliaries can make their performance complementary. The dispersibility of 4A molecular sieve to dirt and the chelation of hardness ions are not as good as STPP, but the detergency of 4A molecular sieve and STPP can reach the effect of single use of STPP. This is because STPP can rapidly complex calcium and magnesium ions from the solid surface and transfer them to the 4A molecular sieve through the aqueous medium. The poor ability of 4A molecular sieve to bind magnesium ions can be compensated by compounding silicate and carbonate in the molecular sieve.

4. 4A molecular sieve is safe

4A molecular sieve is non-toxic and highly safe for human body. No irritation to eyes and skin, no allergy, safe and reliable to use. After washing, it is deposited in the soil without causing pollution, and it can also improve the soil. 4A molecular sieve has no adverse effect on the ecology. This is of great significance for reducing environmental pollution by daily chemical products such as washing powder.

Through the introduction of the above four points of 4A molecular sieve, it can be seen that 4A molecular sieve mainly achieves the cleaning effect by exchanging calcium ions in the water to produce softened water, then removing dirt and preventing the re-deposition of dirt. 4A molecular sieve is of great significance to the comprehensive promotion of the production of phosphorus-free washing powder, and it is also of great significance to reduce the pollution of sodium tripolyphosphate to the environment.

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