Promotion of lithium zeolite

Happy new year.

Hope 2022 will be a new year filled with happiness, healthy, warmth and peace for the world, a year without COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently the pandemic situation in the world is still very severe. Medical oxygen is very important to cure patients.


Lithium molecular sieve is a kind of lithium X-type aluminosilicate crystals, which is used for VSA oxygen plant/oxygen concentartor to generate medical oxygen. It adsorb the nitorgen from compressed air but concentrate oxygen by VSA technology, the oxygen could reach 93%-95%.


Naike Chemical is one of professional . In order for more oxygen plants to produce medical oxygen and there are sufficient oxygen to input hospitals, we Naik Chemical launch promotion for .

Oxygen is life, we offer this chance for oxygen manufacturer to try our lithium molecular sieve at lower rate than normal price before bulk quantity is purchased.


Should you are interested in our promotion of lithium zeolite, please feel free to contact us by email to thank you.

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