Vane Type Demister

Vane Type Demister

Vane Type Mist Eliminator is usually used in dirty or blocking operating condition. The vanes can be divided into polygonal and streamlined by geometry.

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Parameters of Vane Type Demister

items Specific Introduction
Materials of Vane Type MistEliminator PP Stainless steel Fiberglass
Temperature Resistance 70-80℃ 200℃ 130℃
Baffle plate thickness 1-3mm or customized
Interval between baffle plates 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or customized

Features of Vane Type Demister

  • Maximum drift capture through efficient design
  • Nonclogging and easy to clean
  • Easy to handle, lift and remove for inspection and service of the water distribution system and  at transfer surface
  • Nested modules to guarantee watertight seam
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Perfect fit: model-specific size kits

Advantage of Vane Type Demister

High wear resistance and long service life.

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