Sapo-11 Zeolite

Sapo-11 Zeolite

Factory Price Molecular Sieve SAPO-11 zeolite Catalyst Powder for Cracking is composed of PO2, ALO2, SIO2 three tetrahedron connected with each other, with oxygen octagonal ring composed of ellipsoidal cage, round or wrinkled structure, the aperture diameter is maintained at between 0.43-0.50nm.

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Parameters of Sapo-11 Zeolite

appearance White  powder
Average particle size (μm) 1.5
Aperture (nm) 0.4
Specific surface area (m2 / g) ≥1802/g
Hole capacity (cm3 / g) 0.28
Phosphorus and aluminum ratio 1
Molecular formula (sio2)x(AL2O3)y(P2O5)z
sio2 ≈10%
AL2O3 ≈42%

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