HY Zeolite

HY Zeolite

The Na-Y type molecular sieve is a sodium type aluminosilicate crystal having a large specific surface area. Y molecular sieve is widely used as the catalytic cracking catalyst as acid activation component, and can also be used in petroleum refining and petrochemical catalytic processes such as adsorbent, hydrocracking, alkylation, hydrodewaxing, diesel pour point depressing.

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Parameters of NaY Zeolite

Item Unit result analysis method
Crystallinity % 85 X-ray diffractometer
SiO2/Al2O3 5.5 X-ray fluorescence instrument
D50 um 5.1 Laser particle size analyzer
D90 um 7.9 Laser particle size analyzer
Na2O % 0.2 Flame photometry
L.O.I % 23 Gravimetric analysis
Unit Cell Size Å 24.53 X-ray diffractometer
Specific surface m2/g 700 Bet adsorption desorber

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