Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

NAIKE Plastic polyhedral hollow ball is a kind of plastic random packing made of two hemispheres. Each hemisphere is made of many flabellate vanes. Its specific surface area is larger than any other spherical packings. It is the typical representative of plastic random packing. The plastic polyhedral hollow ball is extensively used for the packing towers in
petroleum industry, chemical industry, alkali chloride industry, coal gas industry and environmental protection, etc.

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Parameters of Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

D×H×δ mm Specific area m2/m3 Void Rate % Bulk Number g/m3 Package Density (kg/m3)
25 460 84 64000 70.4
38 312 87 25000 75
50 237 90 11500 80.5
76 214 92 3000 59
100 261 92 1800 50.4

Physical & Chemical Properties

Physical & Chemical Properties
Performance/Material PE PP RPP PVC CPVC PVDF
Density(g/cm3) 0.94-0.96 0.89-0.91 0.93-0.94 1.32-1.44 1.50-1.54
  • 1.75-1.78
Operation Temp(℃) 90 >100 >120 >60 >90 >150
Chemical Corrosion Good Good Good Good Good Good
Compression Strength(MP >6.0 >6.5 >7.0 >6.0 >8.0 >10.0

Advantages of Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

  • Big voidage
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Low mass-transfer unit height
  • Low Specific Weight
  • Abundant of Gas-liquid contact
  • High Surface Area
  • Excellent efficiency of transfer

Packing of Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

● 25kgs/50kgs compound plastic bag

● 1 cubic meter Jumbo bag

● Other packing is available upon your request

Application of Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball


●Low Pressure Drop


●Low mass-transfer unit height

●Liquid/liquid extraction

●Low Specific Weight

●water treatment

●Abundant of Gas- liquid contact

●Heat transfer

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