Fire Arresting Material

Fire Arresting Material

Fire-arresting material is one of the most important components of a flame arrester. Flame arresters can effectively prevent the flame spread of flammable gas and liquid and prevent tempering and causing an explosion. The flame retardant corrugated plates in such flame arresters are usually corrugated by pressing stainless steel strips or copper-nickel alloy materials. The size of the corrugations is determined by the nature of the gas and the flame retarding speed.

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Parameters of Fire Arresting Material

Items Allowable Variation
h(mm) ±0.02mm
λ(mm) ±0.05mm
α ±5°
L(mm) ±0.2mm
D(mm) ±0.2mm(D>120~400mm)

Overview of Fire Arresting Material

Fire Arresting Matenal is made up of corrugated plates around a certain size of the shaft plate. The diameter of the corrugated fire-resistant core and the shaft diameter is determined by the company. The parameters of the thickness, width, apex angle, peak height and peak spacing of the corrugated board used for winding the corrugated fire-retardant core are also determined by the company (the specific matters are determined according to the actual processing capacity). The corrugated board is made of a 304 stainless steel plate of a certain thickness. Where h is the wave height, λ is the wave pitch, δ is the corrugated plate thickness 0.1 mm, α is the apex angle 90°, and L is the corrugated strip width. The wave height h value is preferred to meet the conditions. If other processing conditions cannot meet the requirements set by the company, first ensure that the wave height h value meets the design conditions. The wave distance λ and the apex angle α satisfy one of them. In addition to the corrugated board thickness of 0.1mm, the apex angle is 90° and the material is 304.

Advantage of Fire Arresting Material

  • Effectively prevent the spread of flammable gas, liquid flames
  • Prevent tempering and cause explosion

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