Ceramic Raschig Ring

Ceramic Raschig Ring

Ceramic Rasching Ring has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. It can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except for hydrofluoric acid, and can be used in high or low-temperature conditions. Consequently, the application range is very wide. The packing can be used in the drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers and actifier columns in the chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry, oxygen producing industry, etc.

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Parameters of Ceramic Raschig Ring

Name Normal
Thickness mm
Surface area
Void space
Bulk density
Packing factor
Raschig ring ø16 16*16*3 250 66 820 178000 870
ø25 25*25*3 147 78 510 42000 310
ø38 38*38*4 100 80 458 12000 195
ø50 50*50*5 80 81 465 5600 156
ø76 76*76*9 62 75 575 1700 147

Advantages of Ceramic Raschig Ring

  • The ceramic tower packing is economical and low price.
  • Simple structure.
  • Acid and alkali resistance.
  • High or low-temperature resistance.

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