What is Zeolite Powder Used for?

1. What is Zeolite Powder?

Molecular sieve-activated powder is a kind of white powder, which is formed after deep processing and activation of synthetic molecular sieve original powder.

The original molecular sieve powder loses moisture during the high-temperature roasting process, therefore the activated zeolite powder has a strong adsorption capacity. It can be directly used in production as an adsorbent with selective adsorption.

2. Benefits of Zeolite Powder?

The molecular sieve-activated powder is mixed, dispersed, and adsorbed with materials. It is an amorphous desiccant. It can absorb impurities such as moisture that affect the quality of the product without changing the physical and chemical properties of the product itself.

Zeolite powder is used for special applications, it can be used as an additive in products such as paints and polymers to remove moisture and air bubbles.

The molecular sieves’ powder form can be mixed with active ingredients to help reduce moisture in the air. Products such as sealants and adhesives can be affected if moisture is introduced, and the use of kinetic molecular sieves in the manufacturing process helps prevent the degradation of the final product. Due to the high efficiency of removing moisture from the air, powdered molecular sieves should be stored before use.

3. What is Zeolite Powder Used for?

Naike Chemical molecular sieve powders are used in many industrial applications including various filtration systems such as airflow and breathing equipment. Furthermore, due to its amorphous powder properties, it can be used as an additive to products and polymers to expel moisture and air bubbles.

3A Activated Zeolite Powder

Naike Chemical 3A-activated zeolite powders are ideal for use in sealants, coatings, adhesives, and paints.

4A Activated Zeolite Powder

4A-activated zeolite powder is commonly used to remove moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. It handles moisture issues without causing issues like shelf life viscosity.

5A-activated zeolite powder

Our 5A-activated zeolite powder can be used as filling material for food, medicine, cosmetics, plastics, rubber, paints, insulating glass, electronic components, etc.

13X Active Zeolite Powder

Similar to the 5A, the 13X is suitable for a wide range of applications. However, it enables deeper dehydration and better trace moisture adsorption. In addition, it can adsorb acid gases such as hydrogen sulfate and carbon dioxide to improve the physical and chemical properties of products or materials.

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4. Where to Get Zeolite Powder?

Naike Chemical-activated molecular sieve powder has good dispersibility, fast adsorption speed, and strong adsorption capacity. It can significantly reduce the moisture in the material, eliminate air bubbles and improve the uniformity and strength of the material, and prolong the service life.

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