Specific Decontamination Performance of 3A Molecular Sieve

The main purpose of using molecular sieves in the industry is to make them perform decontamination functions. For example, 3A molecular sieve is a common molecular sieve, and its filtration effect is above medium. After being filtered, industrial wastewater can be reused, thus saving a lot of resources and reducing pollution. Any industry must take environmental protection and sustainable development as the premise, and improve the speed of production technology and enterprise development to ensure better development of the company and reduce harm to the environment. Converting hard water to soft water will lead to more applications, which is an important way to reduce costs and wastewater.

1. 3A molecular sieve as production materials for daily chemical products

In the industry, there are many daily chemical products that can use 3A molecular sieves as material additives. For example, when used in soap, it can easily shape the soap. When used in toothpaste, it can increase the friction ability of toothpaste. 3A molecular sieves produced by 3A molecular sieve suppliers can replace previously used products that are more harmful to the environment and improve the functionality of everyday chemicals.

2. The decontamination ability of 3A type molecular sieve

In addition to being used as an additive for daily chemical products, 3A molecular sieve also has a strong decontamination ability. It has the ability to filter various ions in the water. Whether it is industrial wastewater or sewage in daily life, or wastewater from animal husbandry, 3A molecular sieve can be used for the purification of these wastewaters.

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