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Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) is an efficient biological treatment process, combines the Biofilm and fluidized bed. MBBR system consists of an aeration tank with special plastic carriers that provide a surface where a biofilm can grow.

MBBR filter media is a new biological suspension carrier which modified polymeric material with the promoted addition of bio enzyme, adaptable for all kinds of microorganism to grow and reproduction rapidly to dissolve organics in the water. 

It process excellences of large specific surface, being easy to multiply biofilm, unease to fall off, high denitrification, good hydrophile, high biological activity and so on. It widely used in the MBBR sewage treatment biofilter, aquaculture farms, Koi Filter Media, etc. 


Parameters of Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

Size=Diameter* Height (mm)12*911*710*716*1025*(7-12mm)25*45*1015*15
Surface area (m2/m3)>800>900>1000>800>500>1200>3500>900
Void ration(%)>85>85>85>85>90>90>85>85
Dosing ratio (%)15-6715-6815-7015-6715-6515-6915-7015-68
Membrane-forming time (days)3-153-153-153-153-153-153-153-15
Nitrification   efficiency
(g NH4-N/m3.d)
BOD5oxidation efficiency
 (g BOD5/m3.d)
COD oxidation efficiency
( g COD/m3.d )
Applicable temperature ( ℃)5-605-605-605-605-605-605-605-60
PictureMbbr-Bio-Filter 12*9Mbbr-Bio-Filter 11*7Mbbr-Bio-Filter 10*7Mbbr-Bio-Filter 16*10Mbbr-Bio-Filter 25*Mbbr-Bio-Filter 25*4Mbbr-Bio-Filter7.jpgMbbr-Bio-Filter8.jpg

Principal Characters of Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

  • Scientific formula and process,  to accelerate the forming biofilm

  • Large specific surface area of filler, to attach huge amounts of organism.

  • Rely on biofilm treatment, to save the return sludge.

  • Super decarburization, ammonia nitrogen removal capacity, to improve  water quality

Using Scope of Mbbr Bio Filter (Media)

  • Project title, the amount of upgrading sewage treatment plant

  • New sewage treatment project of MBBR and BAF process

  • Aquaculture in removal of ammonia nitrogen, water purification

  • Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water

  • River nitrogen, Phosphorus removal

  • Biological filler biological deodorization tower

  • Application industry.

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