Petrochemical and oil and gas processing produce exhaust streams filled with potentially hazardous chemical and gaseous residues. Chemical scrubbers, closed thermal halos and thermal oxidizers are used to remove residues from the exhaust. The contaminated system has a full range of scrubbers and oxidants designed to remove specific chemical or residual wastes from each facility process. In this processing, Naike Chemical can offer mist eliminators, random packing, structured packing, bubble cap trays, sieve trays and so on.

Natural gas processing is a necessary means to monetize natural gas from production source to liquefaction or pipeline quality. First, we should treat natural gas in a natural gas treatment equipment, in order to remove high molecular weight hydrocarbons, sulfides, water and other pollutants. Naike Chemical can offer bubble cap trays, random packing, structured packing, sieve trays, raschig ring and mist eliminator to them.

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