Molecular Sieves Are Materials with Uniform Pores

The diameter of the molecular sieve is angstroms or nanometers (nm). Molecular sieves can be microporous (2nm), macroporous (50

Ⅰ. Molecular sieve powder adsorbent

Molecular sieve powder adsorbent can separate fluids according to molecular size and polarity. For the secondary fine particles of hydrocarbons, straight molecules enter the pores and are adsorbed, and branched molecules cannot enter the pores and pass through the sieve bed. Molecular sieves play an important role in unit processes such as dehydration and purification, as well as unit operations such as drying and adsorption. Catalysis is the application field of molecular sieve. Molecular sieves are used in the catalytic cracking of petroleum.

Ⅱ. Applications of molecular sieve powder in wastewater treatment

The environmental behavior of molecular sieve powder throughout its life cycle has prompted it to become a substitute for hazardous chemicals in various industrial applications. Therefore, the demand for molecular sieve will continue to increase during the forecast period. Strict wastewater treatment chemicals regulations will promote the molecular sieve market. Government agencies around the world are formulating strict management regulations on urban sewage and industrial sewage to solve environmental problems such as dead zones in water bodies and groundwater toxicity.

Molecular sieves can smoothly capture nuclear ions in the effluent. Due to these factors, the nuclear industry is expected to promote the molecular sieve market. In addition, molecular sieves are also used in detergents. Therefore, the detergent industry is expected to drive the molecular sieve market, especially in developing countries. Molecular sieves are used as substitutes for phosphates. Developed countries prohibit the use of these phosphates. National and public awareness support the demand for molecular sieves. It is also used as a catalyst in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, and aluminum chloride and phosphochloric acid are used as catalysts in these industries. However, aluminum chloride and phosphochloric acid are not easy to use at once. Therefore, molecular sieve powder is gradually replacing traditional catalysts in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. These industries have a huge demand for molecular sieves.

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