Introduction of Dixon Ring Packing

What is Dixon Ring Packing?

Tower packing generally refers to the material that is filled in other objects. In chemical engineering, Tower packing refers to the inert solid material packed in the filling tower, and in chemical products. Tower packing produced by Laiko, also known as filler, is a solid material used to improve processing properties, product mechanical properties, and reduce costs.

is a kind of random filler for chemical processing. It is made of stainless steel woven wire mesh with a crossbeam, forming a ring with a central separator designed to be randomly filled into the filler column. They are called θ ring packing because of their similar θ shapes.

Production Process of Dixon Ring Packing

Manufactured from stainless steel, the through-body of the small pilot device in the fine flow tower can be designed to operate under normal, depressurized, and pressurized conditions. Tower section specifications Φ38~500mm, height 0.5~15.0m, each section of the tower can be set up with a feed/temperature measuring port, and also can be combined with the specific requirements of customers for the design and manufacture of various non-standard products. The whole distillation tower includes a feed tank, tower kettle, reflux ratio controller, tower section, tower top condenser, pressure display measurement, and product storage tank. Using heating power can control the tower kettle’s rising steam, tower pressure can be controlled by a pressure stabilization valve, can be with an automatic adjustment valve. To make the tower in the operation process to avoid heat loss, the use of modern intelligent thermometer tower temperature settings for compensation, close to the ideal state, to achieve good reproduction.

Advantages of Dixon Ring Packing

Dixon ring packing offers significant performance advantages over other random column packing, especially where space is critical. The performance of is comparable to that of structured packing which is extremely column specific and carries large installation and other costs. Dixon ring packing is comparable in that it can be easily “dumped” into Packing, thereby reducing initial installation costs and saving money when cleaning or replacement is required. Dixon ring packing can also be used in retrofits where the performance of the current packing does not meet the requirements. In addition, Dixon ring packing has over 30 years of filtration experience, uses quality materials, and can provide material certification.

Application of Dixon Ring Packing

 offers a large surface area and low-pressure drop while maintaining high mass transfer rates, which can be used in countercurrent absorption applications including off-gas scrubbing, acid gas removal, and carbon capture. They can also be used in distillation applications, especially for “difficult” separations where components have very close boiling points.

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