How Long is the Life Cycle of Activated Alumina Adsorbent?

This product is made from pure natural minerals and activated hygroscopic agent. It is green, non-toxic, tasteless and does no harm to the human body. The product has a good adsorption performance, activated adsorption and the function of static dehumidification under the normal temperature and humidity. The range of the application of the activated alumina includes: widely used in the areas of hardware, electrical appliances, leather shoes, clothing and other industries. The activated alumina desiccant is safe, environment- friendly and naturally degradable.

1. The function of the activated alumina desiccant

With the using of the United States DuPont packaging technology, the activated alumina desiccant has strong moisture adsorption that can effectively prevent condensation in the container—moisture, mold, rust, oxidation and so on, from being generated by the change of ocean temperature and humidity. The waterlogging in cartons will influence the appearance or directly damage the outer packaging, even affect the quality of the product, such as the rusty metal parts or the falling labels. The principle of the moisture adsorption of the is that the component of the desiccant used in the container is calcium. In the condition of 25 degrees Celsius and 90% of the humidity, the maximum capacity of the vapor adsorption can achieve 250% of its own weight, at the same level as other similar products abroad.

2. The using cycle of the activated alumina adsorbent

The amount of activated alumina will increase with the growth in adsorption. For example, three tons can be adsorbed in one hour, then five or seven tons in two hours and so on. But the adsorption will be reduced when it comes to the specific time n. It means that the adsorption will be increased three tons per hour before the time, but after that time, it will be increased only one ton per hour. Since the activated alumina is a master of defluoridation, let’s talk about the relationship between the dosage of activated alumina and the effect of defluoridation. For the activated alumina, the smaller the dosage used, the better the adsorption effect.

When does the activated alumina have a good adsorption effect? And when does not it work? It is related to its hydrogen ion concentration (PH). Under acidic or alkaline conditions, the adsorption is notably enhanced, and is the most non-ideal at the PH 7.00. Thus, when using the adsorbent to defluorinate, the space area, adsorption time, treatment scale, regeneration method and frequency should be combined to consider the minimum dosage of the activated alumina.

The activated alumina desiccant is the common item in the daily life. Its main ingredient is quick lime. Pull before use. After absorbing the moisture in the air, it gradually turns into powdery calcium hydroxide. When it absorbs the moisture quickly, the desiccant will produce high heat. Therefore, if the desiccant is carelessly put in a bag containing wet waste when discarded, it will be dangerous. So it should be well treated to avoid the danger engendered by big-type activated alumina desiccant coexisting with moisture. If not be disposed in a large scale, the activated alumina desiccant should be tightly packed before thrown into the trash can.

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