Composition of a Nitrogen Generator with PSA Molecular Sieve

PSA molecular sieve nitrogen generator is mainly composed of the following parts:

PSA molecular sieve compressed air purification components

Composed of high-efficiency oil remover, refrigerated air dryer, precision filter and activated carbon filter. The working principle is that compressed air enters the air buffer tank for buffering, then enters the high-efficiency oil remover to remove most oil, water, dust and other impurities, then enters the refrigerated air dryer to remove more water, and finally enters the precision filter to remove oil and dust, and then enters the activated carbon filter for further oil removal.

PSA molecular sieve oxygen and nitrogen separation system

Composed of adsorption tower, compaction device, auxiliary valves and instrument electrical components. The adsorption tower with a composite bed structure is designed with two towers A and B, which are evenly filled with imported carbon molecular sieve (using the stretch-twist vibration filling method to make the carbon molecular sieve filling more uniform). Clean compressed air first flows from the inlet end of tower A through the carbon molecular sieve to the outlet end, at which point O2, CO2, and H2O are adsorbed, and the product nitrogen gas flows out from the outlet end of the adsorption tower.

PSA molecular sieve oxygen and nitrogen buffer system

Composed of nitrogen buffer tank, precision filter, flowmeter, pressure regulator, and discharge components. The nitrogen buffer tank is mainly used to balance the pressure and purity of nitrogen gas separated from the oxygen-nitrogen separation system to ensure stable continuous nitrogen gas supply. At the same time, after the adsorption tower switches during operation, it will recharge some of its own gas to the adsorption tower, which not only helps the adsorption tower to boost the pressure but also protects the bed layer, playing an extremely important role in the equipment operation process.

PSA molecular sieve air buffer tank

Composed of air buffer tank and auxiliary valve instrument. The air buffer tank reduces air flow turbulence and plays a buffering role to reduce the fluctuation of system pressure, so that compressed air can pass smoothly through the compressed air purification unit to fully remove oil, water, dust and other impurities, and reduce the load on the oxygen-nitrogen separation system. At the same time, it provides a large amount of compressed air needed for rapid pressure boosting during adsorption tower switching of the oxygen-nitrogen separation system, which not only quickly raises the pressure in the adsorption tower to the operating pressure but also ensures reliable and stable operation of the PSA molecular sieve Nitrogen Generator.

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