Broken Analysis and Solutions of Ceramic Grinding Balls

Ceramic grinding balls are used as grinding media in pulverizing equipment and are often used in industrial production. However, in the production process, ceramic grinding balls are often broken. So what is the reason for the broken ceramic grinding balls? Is there any solution? Let’s take a look together.

Ⅰ. Analysis of the reasons for the crushing of ceramic grinding balls

The popular ceramic grinding balls on the market include glass balls, zirconium silicate balls and pure zirconium balls. In terms of production technology, they are basically divided into two types: electrofusion method and sintering method. Because the ball is formed in hot air, cold air or electrolyte, once a certain key technical parameter is not well controlled, the following fragile balls will be produced: bubble ball, snowman ball, tail ball, flat (elliptical) ball.

In addition, due to the different strength of the ball material, it is often difficult to fully apply to a certain type of sand mill, and forcible use will also lead to the crushing of the grinding ball. It is also very simple to judge whether the ceramic grinding ball is normally worn or broken. After working for a period of time, the grinding ball will become smaller. If the surface is smooth without edges and corners, this is the wear of normal balls; and if there are angular, flaky shapes in the ball, it is a broken ball.

Ⅱ. The ceramic grinding ball crushing solution

1. Equipment

Check whether the dispersing disc is reversed, loose or cracked; check whether the dynamic screen ring of the separation device is notched or damaged; after the gear pump is suddenly turned off, the pressure in the sand mill will back pressure the balls to the pump It can be avoided as much as possible by installing a check valve, and at the same time, it is necessary to keep the feed pump regularly cleaned; check whether the inner cylinder has defective points.

2. Process

Due to the mixed use of balls of different materials, or production operation problems often lead to the rupture of ceramic grinding balls, which can be divided into the following situations:

(1) Mixed use of large and small balls: In this case, there is a sign of improving the grinding efficiency at the beginning, but as the grinding time increases, the situation of large balls grinding small balls occurs, which is easy to accelerate the deformation and even breakage of the small balls. The solution is to use balls with a uniform particle size as much as possible.

(2) Mixed use of different brands of balls: Due to the inconsistent hardness and density of various balls, it is easy to cause hard balls to eat soft balls, so this form should be avoided.

(3) The viscosity of the slurry is too thin or too thick: Compared with the grinding balls of a certain density, it is easy to cause the accumulation of the balls and directly contact the wear parts of the sand mill, thereby accelerating the wear and tear of the balls.

(4) The flow of the material is too fast: This will cause the ball to be squeezed at the material outlet, and accelerate the wear of the ball and the accessories of the sand mill here. The solution is to first loosen the backlogged grinding balls by intermittently starting the machine, and redistribute them evenly, and then adjust the flow of materials.

Therefore, in the usual industrial production operations, in addition to checking the status of the equipment, it is also necessary to avoid bad habits in operation. In addition, when choosing ceramic grinding balls, you should pay more attention to its quality issues, and try to choose a safe and secure big brand.

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