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Lithium Molecular Sieve

Lithium Molecular Sieve

Lithium Types of Zeolite Crystals
Lithium Zeolite Characterization
Lithium Zeolite Production

Lithium Molecular Sieve

It is high-performance lithium exchanged low silica form of the X-type zeolite with exceptional nitrogen capacity to provide optimal performance in the separation of oxygen from the air in medical oxygen concentrators. The molecular sieve material is developed and designed for the production of up to 95% oxygen-rich airstreams in medical oxygen concentrators with air flows up to 10 liters per minute. There are three mechanisms of adsorption separation: steric hindrance effect, kinetic effect, and equilibrium effect.


Parameters of Lithium Zeolite/Molecular Sieve

The test itemsunitLiXNote
Static Nitrogen adsorptionml/g≥25≥28≥28≥261bar, 25°C
Nitrogen/Oxygen separation coefficient~≥6.2≥6.2≥6.2≥6.31bar, 25°C
Crushing StrengthN≥17~≥8≥16The average
Bulk densitykg/m3610-640610-640610-640610-640
Particle Size%wt≥98≥95≥98≥98550°C,1 Hour
Coefficient of variation
Residual Water%wt≤0.2≤0.15≤0.15≤0.13575°C,1 Hour

Applications of Lithium Zeolite/Molecular Sieve

Steel, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, furnaces energy saving, environmental protection, paper making, aquaculture, health care.

Lithium Zeolite Characterization

  • Lithium based molecular sieve is a synthetic zeolite of lithium-type crystal structure, large Nitrogen adsorption capacity, high efficiency of oxygen/nitrogen separation.

  • In addition to ethanol, a well-designed and manufactured sieve is not only used to dehydrate the ethanol hydrated vapors, but is highly useful for dehydrating other types of chemicals too. Thus, gives a facility to use this system in future operations as well.

  • It shows high N2/O2 separation under a very low pressure, which lowers the consumption of producing oxygen.

  • The advantage of on the equilibrium adsorption capacity, It applies to various VPSA device for producing oxygen.

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