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Liquid Collector/Liquid Distributor

Liquid Collector/Liquid Distributor

Liquid Collector Liquid Distributor
Liquid Collector Liquid Distributor 1
Liquid Collector Liquid Distributor 2

Liquid Collector/Liquid Distributor

From a process standpoint, the most important column internals is liquid distributors. A liquid distributor is required at all locations in the column where an external liquid stream is introduced. In addition to providing a uniform liquid distribution pattern to the top of the packed bed, the distributor must provide sufficient gas passage area to avoid a high-pressure drop or liquid entrainment. The liquid distributor should have a high turndown ratio and be resistant to fouling. The table listed below gives some conventional distributors.


Parameters of Liquid Collector/Liquid Distributor

Technical Data
ITEMOrifice ladder liquid distributorSpray nozzle liquid distributorOrifice pan liquid distributorWeir orifice liquid distributorOrifice trough liquid distributorWeir trough liquid distributor
Drive forcepressurepressuregravitygravitygravitygravity
Distribute capacitymiddleLow to middlehighhighmiddlemiddle
Load rangelowlowmiddlemiddlemiddlehigh
Liquid load (m3/m2.h)0.25~1.5Wide rangeWide rangeWide rangeWide rangeWide range
Diameter (m)> 0.45randomrandom normal < 1.2random normal < 1.2randomrandom
Resistant of foulinghighLow to middlehighmiddlelowlow
Gas resistancelowlowhighLow to middlehighhigh
Levelness requirementnonoyesyesyesyes
Effect on corrosionhighlowhighhighlowlow
Effect on thickness of liquidnonoyesyesyesyes
Liquid entrainmentyesyesnononono
Liquid entrainmentlowlowhighmiddlemiddlemiddle

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