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Cascade Ring Packing

Cascade ring was developed by MASS TRANSFER Inc. In the 1970s, improved from Pall Ring. The advantage of the Cascade ring is Large flux, low-pressure drop, high efficiency, large operation flexibility, good stain resistance performance. Metal Cascade Mini ring, always be called CMR worldwide.

Ceramic Cascade Ring

Ceramic CascadeRing is a kind of random packing further developed on the basis of Pall Ring and Raschig Ring. The ratio of ring height to its diameter is ½ and a conical rolled edge is added to the ring's end.

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Metal Cascade Mini Ring

Metal cascade mini ring is a new type of hole-type packing, the product has features such as thin wall, heat resistant, high free volume, high capacity, low resistance, high separation efficiency and so on.

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Plastic Cascade Ring

NAIKE Plastic Cascade Mini Ring is made from heat resistant and chemical corrosion resistant plastics, including PE, PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, etc.

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