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Berl Ring

Berl ring is an earlier saddle-shaped packing, shaped like a saddle. Berl ring is also called Berl saddle ring, arc saddle ring, or saddle ring. Berl rings are commonly used in sizes ranging from 25mm to 50mm. They overlap each other in the tower to form an arc-shaped air passage with an interlocking structure, which facilitates the uniform distribution of gas and liquid flow and reduces resistance. Compared with the Raschig ring, the Berl ring has better performance, but it is easy to overlap, and it is easy to cause channeling at the tight place, and the spread point is high.

Ceramic Berl Ring

Berl saddle is an opening packing shaped like a saddle without inside and outside, the berl saddle performs better as compared to Raschig rings in the aspects of even fluid distribution and low resistance.

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