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5A Molecular Sieve

5A Molecular Sieve

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5A Molecular Sieve

5A Molecular Sieve is an alkali alumino silicate; 5A Molecular sieve is the calcium form of the Type A crystal structure. 5A Molecular Sieve has an effective pore opening of  5 angstroms (0.5 nm). 5A Molecular sieve will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 5 Angstrom and exclude those larger. 

5A molecular sieve material is especially suitable for PSA adsorber applications where it may be used for the separation of normal- and iso-paraffins (C4 to C6 species), in PSA hydrogen purification and in oxygen concentrators.


Parameters of 5A Molecular Sieve

ItemUnitTechnical data
Size ratio up to grade%≥98≥98≥96≥96
Bulk densityg/ml≥0.64≥0.64≥0.66≥0.66
Wear ratio%≤0.20≤0.40≤0.20≤0.20
Crushing strengthN≥30/cm≥45/cm≥30/piece≥60/piece
Static water adsorption%≥21.5≥21.5≥21.5≥21.5
Water content, as shipped%≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5

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