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Exhibitions of Naike

Exhibitions of Naike

December 2020 CPHI Shanghai

November 2019  CPHI Europe, Frankfurt, Germany

June 2019  Chemspec India, Mumbai, India

June 2017  Chemspec Europe, Munich, Germany

April 2014  Canton Fair

October 2013  Canton Fair

April 2013  Canton Fair

October 2012  Canton Fair

May 2012  Ceramitec, Munich, Germany

June 2011  Chemspec Europe, Switzerland

April 2011  the 109th Canton Fair

December 2010  China International Tower and tower internals Exhibition, Shanghai  

October 2010  the 108th Canton Fair 

April 2010  the 107th Canton Fair

October 2009  the 106th Canton Fair

April 2009  the 105th Canton Fair

October 2008  the 104th Canton Fair

April 2008  the 103rd Canton Fair

October 2007  the 102nd Canton Fair

April 2007  the 101st Canton Fair

October 2006  the 100th Canton Fair

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