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Wastewater Treatment Media MBBR Media

Wastewater Treatment Media MBBR Media MBBR media for wastewater treatment With the development of the industry, water pollution gets worse and worse, clear and clean water gets more and more precious. Our hot sale product MBBR media is widely used for wastewater treatment in the industry, koi pond, aquarium, and aquaculture, etc. There are multisize are available.  Should you are interested in the media, please feel free to contact us.

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The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on May 5th on the lunar calendar. It is a folk festival that has been extensively circulated for more than 2000 years and is one of the four traditional festivals in China. The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival covers ancient astrological culture, humanistic philosophy and other aspects, containing a deep and rich cultural connotation. It also contains numerous legends. Some people believe that the Dragon Boat Festival is in honour of the poet Qu Yuan, while others think that it is in honor of…

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Naike Support Grid

Naike Support Grid The support grid has to be constructed in a way that allows the unrestricted flowing of gases and liquids in the columns as much as possible. It is possible to block the gas flow with unsuitable packing support, especially in the area between the support grid and the packed bed. For the design of the specific grids, the following points must be considered with regard to the load of the grid: 1. Weight of packed bed 2. Liquid hold up during operation 3. High turn down ratio 4. Fouling 5. Pressure drop of the gas flow in cases of parallel flow 6. Installation loads   As…

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Naike Makes Demister with SS316 Material

Naike Makes Demister with SS316 Material Wire mesh demister, also known as a wire mesh mist eliminator, is a kind of vapor liquid separating device. It is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, medical, light, metallurgy and environmental protection industries.It is most often used to separate liquid drop with diameter of more than 3-5 μm in the separation tower. As one of professional , our workshop is making demister with SS316 material. It comes with several blocks in order for each block to go through manhole easily during installation. The regular height is 150mm with grid included. Customized service is…

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Exhibitions of Naike

Exhibitions of Naike December 2020 CPHI Shanghai November 2019  CPHI Europe, Frankfurt, Germany June 2019  Chemspec India, Mumbai, India June 2017  Chemspec Europe, Munich, Germany April 2014  Canton Fair October 2013  Canton Fair April 2013  Canton Fair October 2012  Canton Fair May 2012  Ceramitec, Munich, Germany June 2011  Chemspec Europe, Switzerland April 2011  the 109th Canton Fair December 2010  China International Tower and tower internals Exhibition, Shanghai   October 2010  the 108th Canton Fair  April 2010  the 107th Canton Fair October 2009  the 106th Canton Fair April 2009  the 105th Canton Fair October 2008  the 104th Canton Fair April 2008  the…

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The Chinese Rose at Naike Chemical Factory

The Chinese Rose at Naike Chemical Factory The warm wind in April woke up the sleeping buds and opened the countless flowers. The Chinese rose at the door of the Naike Chemical  is also in full bloom in this warm season. These clusters of bright flowers, gathered under the green leaves, like countless butterflies,  slightly spread their wings, stopped in the air, coagulation motionless.

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500Y Ceramic Structured Packing

500Y Ceramic Structured Packing  500Y ceramic structured packing Ceramic structured packing is our competitive product, it is corrugated packing. We also supply metal structured packing and plastic structured packing. In Apr 2018, we completed production for 500Y ceramic structured packing and shipped the packing by sea. Should you are interested in our packing, please contact us by email or phone.

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4A Zeolite Detergent Powder

4A Zeolite Detergent Powder zeolite Detergent is the major builder of none phosphorus or low phosphorus detergent. This 3 in 1 product configured majorly with zeolite detergent, moderate sodium carbonate, and organic polymer builder, has the same efficacy as sodium phosphate. Zeolite detergent auxiliary can be configured with many surfactants, such as linear alkyl benzenesulfonate (LAS), surfactants-AE, a-olefin sulfonate, if configured with the last one, the efficacy would be especially better.

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Ceramic Balls Are Used In Laundry Washing Ball

Ceramic Balls Are Used In Laundry Washing Ball The LaundryMate Washing ball contains over 80 different minerals which, when combined they make up the 5 different micro-ceramic beads found in the LaundryMate Ball. The beads are electronically charged and when in contact with water they become active and do the same as the washing powder except without the aid of harsh toxic chemicals. The ball has been recommended by many people throughout Australia who have skin allergies’ caused by detergents. LaundryMate washing balls’ active ingredients are completely free of harsh chemicals. The ball is molded from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which…

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