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Catalytic Converters

Product Name: Catalytic Converters
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Catalytic converter,all catalytic converter sastisfied EPA, Euro 2,3,4 emission standard.

Catalytic Converters  A detailed description of

Universal Catalytic Converter
About 100 different cars oval and round type universal cat, In / Outside size as 1.75'',2'',2.25'',2.5'',3'', all product met EPA,CARB,OBD 2,Euro 3,4 emission standard.

Diesel Catalytic Converter
For cars and heavy trucks,bus of 400CPSI to 600CPSI matellic honeycomb and can take apart design,clean 96% >=CO,HC,PM>=35% and NOx >=30%.

OEM Catalytic Converter
For different famous brand,Honda,Toyota,BMW,Mitsubishi,Kia,Mazda,Audi,Benz.VW.

Motor Catalytic Converter
For 100CPSI to 300CPSI motorcycle matellic catalytic ,diameter as 35/43/45/63mm, length as 40/50/60/70/90/100mm.

Metal Cat-400 CPSI with high quality
For cars,motor-boats,moto-bicycles. Round type:ID40/70/90/98/118 mm

Ceramic catalyst with high quality
For all types cars,for all size.

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