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Universal Catalytic Converter

Product Name: Universal Catalytic Converter
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Catalytic converter,all catalytic converter sastisfied EPA, Euro 2,3,4 emission standard

Universal Catalytic Converter  A detailed description of

Universal catalytic converter

All catalytic converter sastisfied EPA, Euro 2,3,4 emission standard
Material: stainless steel

1. Low burining temperature
CO <=241 degree
HC <=246 degree
NO2 <=264 degree

2. High conversion efficiency
CO >=96%          HC>=95%               NO2>=90%

3. Good function of anti-posioned and aging 

Inside the catalytic converter, this is a metal or ceramic honeycomb substrate,on the surface of the substrate,coated with the precious metals such as platinum,palladiuma and rhodium.

The model is universal, we can provide the standard of the catalytic converter model, the custom setup also can be accepted.

If more detail information is needed, do't hesitate to contact us.

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