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Plastic Intalox Saddles Ring

Product Name: Plastic Intalox Saddles Ring
Model: NK-PIS
Exhibitors: other brand
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Plastic intalox Saddles Ring has the characteristic of low pressure drop, large void space, large flux, high efficiency ,low energy consumption etc.Furthermore excellent distribution in tower packing.

Plastic Intalox Saddles Ring  A detailed description of
NAIKE Plastic intalox Saddle Ring: NK-PISR
Brief introduction
NAIKE Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring'middle part of this packing is the arc liquid channel so that the flow of air along with
 arc liquid channel. As big voidage, low pressure drop, low height of mass transfer unit, low specific weight, abundant
of gasliquid contact, the excellent efficiency of transfer, the application temperature ranges in 60 to 150 degree. it is 
widely adopted in packing tower of AlkailiChloride, petroleum, coal gas, chemical, environment industry etc..
Advantage Application
●Big voidage ●Absorbers
●Low Pressure Drop ●Degassing
●Low mass-transfer unit height ●Liquid/liquid extraction
●Low Specific Weight ●water treatment
●Abundant of Gas-liquid contact ●Heat transfer
●Excellent efficiency of transfer
●25kgs/50kgs compound plastic bag
●1 cubic meter Jumbo bag
●Other packing is available upon your request.

Technical Parameter

D×H×δ mm Specific area m2/m3 Void Rate % Bulk Number g/m3 Package Density (kg/m3) F factor m-1
25*12.5*1.2 288 84.7 97680 102 473
38*19*1.2 265 95 25200 63 405
50*25*1.5 250 96 9400 75.2 332
76*38*3.0 200 97 3700 59.2 289

Physical & Chemical Properties

Performance/Material PE PP RPP PVC CPVC PVDF
Density(g/cm3) 0.94-0.96 0.89-0.91 0.93-0.94 1.32-1.44 1.50-1.54 1.75-1.78
Operation Temp(℃) 90 >100 >120 >60 >90 >150
Chemical Corrosion resistance Good Good Good Good Good Good
Compression Strength(MPa) >6.0 >6.5 >7.0 >6.0 >8.0 >10.0
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